Attar Khallab For Unisex By Ajmal

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Blended with natural oils and ingredients, this oriental fragrance is an alluring appearance of chic and style. Suggesting fascination and attraction, Khallab appeals to the traditionally rooted yet modern individuals. The bold brassy bottle with the rich scent is a symbol of sophistication influencing those who aspire for finer things in life. The oriental concentrate emanates a feel good factor offering the modern man and woman a fresh yet spicy flavor with a touch of floral and woody tones.

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Floral, Woody, Spicy


18, ml, e


Spicy, Floral, Woody


Floral, Fresh, Woody


Concentrated, Perfume, Oil

1 review for Attar Khallab For Unisex By Ajmal

  1. Zaheer Nazir Surve

    one of the best oud I have used

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